Viffa Consult is a Kenyan based management consultancy with the primary focus of developing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Startups in Africa.

SMEs in Kenya and Africa are the back bone of the economy yet are neglected in terms of policy and business support from other stakeholders in the eco system.

Our theory of change is premised on the idea that Africans can transform their socio economic status through meaningful and profitable trade and business engagement.

Since inception, we have continued to positively impact the Kenyan entrepreneurial eco system by publishing riveting policy and strategic opinion pieces, SME policy advocacy at local and international levels as well as consultancy.

Viffa Consult seeks to alleviate SMEs challenges through a blend of granular research aimed at building a knowledge base that informs SME policies , SME engagement with corporates, provide SMEs with information and market intelligence as well as direct SME support having supported over 500 SMEs in sub Saharan Africa.

Our services include: