Procurement Outsourcing 

Viffa Consult is well aware that procurement is not as easily out­sourced as many other transactional or non-strategic functions because the reality is that procurement is directly correlated to a company’s profit-and-loss statements. Many organizations are therefore reluctant to lose grip of this vital functions.

The rapid pace of globalization is forcing organizations in Africa to re-think their strategies which previously had a focus on African competitors to global players.

Viffa Consult expects smart companies to likely expand the scope of procurement outsourcing in the coming years.

If procurement outsourcing is to yield the expected benefits, its adopters will need to carefully weigh the comparative costs and risks of insourcing vs. outsourcing across specific procurement activities, manage the potential risks, and ensure that sufficient effort goes into process design and optimization.

Viffa Consult offers procurement advisory programs and procurement outsourcing consulting services that drive measurable improvements in our clients’ operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Viffa Consult will help your organization with all aspects of procurement strategy development and implementation. We will assist you in evaluating procurement options such as shared services, outsourcing, supply chain strategy and so forth in relation to your procurement function.