We offer SMEs research and data analytics capabilities that drives un-matched and sustained competitive advantage. We enable our SMEs to effectively use data to drive informed decision making.

Viffa also offers research and analytics support to Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) as well as organizations working with SMEs as partners/suppliers or customers to deepen their understanding of SMEs in order to better their engagement.

To compete effectively SME must develop innovative capabilities driven by research and data analytics.

Viffa offers SMEs research capabilities in :

  1. Consumer Behaviour Customer journey, Attitude and Usage, Consumption habits and purchase decision drivers

  2. Digital Presence Online customer profiling, e-commerce research and social media analysis

  3. Market Strategy Industry trends, tracking and bench-marking, market potential and opportunity research.

  4. Product Management Packaging effectiveness, Brand awareness, New product development and pricing strategy

  5. Promotional Strategy Communication effectiveness, Ad awareness, Intent to purchase assessment, ad/concept/message testing

The explosion of data in the recent past has brought innovation opportunities for SMEs. SMEs must take advantage of the large amount of data being generated both within and outside the business. This can be done by effectively using the data to drive informed decision making. We can help you dig deeper into the data allowing you to empower your entire organization with compelling insights and uncover untold narratives.

Viffa offers SMEs data capabilities in:

  1. Connecting survey data with internal KPIs/data warehouses or external industry data sources. we can provide real-time access and data driven visualizations

  2. Enhancing your applications adding aspects of visualization and real-time analysis into your delivery solution

  3. Visualizing your existing data, making it more accessible across your organization