International Development

To remain relevant, non-governmental organizations need to forge collaborative, high-impact partnerships with the public and private sectors.

Viffa Consult Development Partnerships employs an innovative not-for-profit business model that makes the core skills and assets of Viffa Consult accessible to the international development sector to help strengthen organizations and build emerging markets from within.

We are committed to developing solutions to improve lives. Collaborating with communities, Non-governmental organizations and Community based organizations our work is aimed at alleviating poverty and establishing good governance in developing and emerging economies to ensure adequate levels of healthcare, education, water, sanitation, infrastructure and environment.

What makes us different is our ability to draw on multidisciplinary expertise from our associates and teams working in the African continent. This means we’re ideally positioned to provide value-added solutions in any location and any dimension of international development.

Viffa Consult supports communities, Non-governmental and community based organization through;

  • Strategic Plan Development and review
  • Concept note and proposal development
  • Comprehensive donor reporting
  • Monitoring Evaluation and Learning framework development and implementation
  • Capacity building of staff
  • Finance management agency