Operations that embody innovation and operational excellence are vital to enhancing long-term profitability. By combining pioneering solutions with practical know-how, Viffa Consult helps clients align underlying process and operating models to support business strategies, link the supply chain to the end-to-end value chain, and create flexible operations that enable rapid response to changing customer demands and market opportunities

Services include:

  • Business Process Management-Viffa Consult enables clients adapt to the ever changing environment through a systematic approach to making the organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever changing environment
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification-Viffa Consult assists its clients adopt the principles of ISO 9001 leading to a great imrpovement in cost and time management, customer relations, efficiency and brand value
  • ISO 14001 Health ,Safety and Environmental Management-Viffa Consult assits its cleints in apopting the principles of ISO 14001 with the objective of prevention of accidents or incidents that may result from abnormal operation conditions on the one hand and reduction of adverse effects that results from normal operating condition on the other hand.
  • Innovation and Product Development-Leading organization realize that innovation is critical to delivering good business results regardless of economic conditions.To be competitive globally, organizations have to deliver products, services and business models fast, reliably and cost effectively. Viffa Consult enables organizations develop innovative businesses, products and services. 
  • Sourcing and Procurement-Viffa Consult enables organizations looking to manage cost through provision of on-demand resources (people, subject matter expertise and technologies).